Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones


Digital Access

Access means being able to use or receive something. Did you know that some communities don't have access to cell service or high speed internet? Companies only install services if they can make enough money. I expect many families will not be able to affort cell and internet service at home. They cost a lot but they are becoming an important part of our lives because we live in the Information Age.


1. Soon, your parents will be able to check the marks you make on every school assignment on the internet from home. Tell me how thiat will be good or bad.

2. Would it bother you if you didn't have cell or internet service at your house?

3. Make an arguement why government should help make internet available to everybody. Think of several important reasons for people to have internet.

Thank you to all those teachers that were so willing shared their work to improve the standard of education for students.