Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones

Digital Communications

Never have we been able to communicate so easily. Social media, like Facebook and texting, have changed the way we communicate forever.  I love my cell phone!!

Technology itself is not good or bad, it is the way we use it.  In this unit we will examine the ways we use digital devices for communication and discuss possible some ways that it can be hurtful.
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  1. What is your 3 favourite (or most used) form of digital communication?  (look at the options in the diagram above)

2. List 3 types of information that is too important to be shared digitally?

3. Watch the video: How is your phone changing you? (3 min).

a) What is Myopia?

b) How popular are cell phones in the world of 7 billion people compared to toilets?

c) How is Candy crush designed to reward your brain making it hard to put down?

d) What is the term for the fear of being without your phone?

e) Harvard Medical School has a recommendation so you can sleep better.  What is it?

Thank you to all those teachers that were so willing shared their work to improve the standard of education for students.