Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones


Digital Literacy

An older person told me that she thought that kids should learn cursive writing. I said to the older person, "maybe you should learn how to text". Communications is always changing and for some people (like me), it's hard to keep up. if you want to know something about digital technology, ask a young person.


1. Where do you learn most of what you know about digital technology?

2. Search the internet and describe what digital literacy includes.

3. It's great to know how to use digital technology, but do you feel you know to protect yourself from ALL the dangers online? What do you know about and what things do you want to know more about?

4. What will you do if you run into a problem online (bullying, cyber crime, fraud)? What is the correct action to take?

5. Identify at least 4 areas/things that you would like to know more about related to digital technology.


Thank you to all those teachers that were so willing shared their work to improve the standard of education for students.