Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones

.  Digital Security
The board game Battleship would last only seconds if two computers were playing it. Computers can guess numbers and letters at remarkable speeds. It is not usually humans who are trying to hack into your online accounts but rather sophisticated computer programs working while the criminals are sleeping.
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Watch the Video (stop at the 4:30 min mark when they talk about audiobooks)

Answer these questions from the video:

Copy the question and type the answer in Word or PowerPoint

  1. How safe are you if you use a password to protect your digital information?
  2. What do you think he mean by saying, “you are as secure as a screen door in a hurricane” as it related to the internet ?
  3. What are the two MAIN points he makes about good passwords?
  4. What are two really safe passwords?
  5. What are two really bad passwords?
  6. What is salting?


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