Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones

.  NETiquette

What is appropriate behaviour using social media? "Do unto others as you would have them do onto you" is a saying you may have heard before. Is stealing a bag of chips right? Why is stealing a song right then? Both involve taking somebody's earnings.

There are otherways of doing things online that are wrong too, just as the way that you treat people.


Do you remember Rehtaeh Parson's mom visiting our school recently? She is from Nova Scotia. Rehtaeh was bullied to suicide by one little mistake that she made at a party that allowed people to take advantage of her and spread it on social media. Haven't we all made little mistakes at one time or other. Can what you do on social media have that huge affect on someone? Let's find out.

1. Take a minute and familiarize yourself with the Rehtaeh Parsons case. See the story - Link Now, write a summary of her case.

2. How did social media play a role in Rehtaeh's death?

3. Do a google search of NETiquette and explain what it means. (It is a combination of the words "Network" and "Etiquette")

4. Social Media is very powerful. Amanda Todd was bullied online too but she used social media to get her story out. Her "suicide note"went viral. Watch the link. After watching it, summarize her story.

5. Are we so bad that we drive people to suicide? Name three things that YOU can commit to do, so there are no more Rehtaeh Parsons and Amanda Todd stories?


Thank you to all those teachers that were so willing shared their work to improve the standard of education for students.