Digital Communications Module
Contact: Andrew Jones


Digital Welness

It is important that we have balanced lives. Sometimes, people can get addicted to their digital media. How bad can a digiral addiction become? In the news there was a baby that starved to death because her mom and dad were too busy playing a video game over several days. It is a serious problem. You might say, "I'd never do that" but do you know people who can't go an hour without checking their social media sites? More scary, do you know someone who check texts while driving?

We must be aware of the impact technology is having on our health and the not so hidden dangers of using it at the wrong time.


1. "One Mississippi" - how far can your car move in one second? How long do you take eyes off the road to check a text? Watch the video (Link) that show you how to calculate the math. It tells you how the distance for 110km/hour. Take a friend and a meter stick out in the hall. Measure how far up the hall you travel when you take your eyes of the road for 1 second at 110km/hour.

2. It is easy to become obese when we don't stay active. If you choose to spend 3 hours a day using digital media instead of 3 hours of active lifestyle choices, what do you think will happen. It's not only about obesity, it also about having relationships with family and friends, and lack of sleep.

Make 5 promises to yourself about the way that you will create a balance between the important things in your life with digital technology. (Example: I will only spend 2 hours playing video games each day. i will keep my phone away at meals so I can talk with family)

3. Watch the video Link. In one paragraph or more, descrive what happened to Sarah., who was affected, and why it happened.


Thank you to all those teachers that were so willing shared their work to improve the standard of education for students.