Carpentry Exam
Contact: Andrew Jones

Instructions: Complete each of the 4 tasks in any order.

You need earbuds (for listening to computer videos), and your safety equipment. Everything else will be provided.

Time Limit: You have from 8:30 to 11am on Thursday and Friday to finish all tasks

Task 1: Fall Protection

Links to Instructional Videos:

Fall Protection (12 minutes)

Equipment (12 minutes)

1. Use the videos to answer questions
2. Put on the harness and connect yourself to the connection point
3. Work to put one row of shingles on the wall of the shed wearing fall protection

Special Tools Provided:
Complete fall protection system.

Task 2: Install a door lock

Links to Instructional Videos:

Dewalt Door Lock Jig (5 min)

Strike Plate (2 min)

1. Install a lock set anywhere on the door edge
2. Make sure the door lock latches the door properly

Special Tools Provided:
1. Dewalt Door Lock Jig
2. Drill, Chisel

Task 3: Stairway Stringer

Links to Instructional Videos:

Building Stair Stringers (6 min)


1. Mark a stringer template using 12" OSB for a 7 1/4" riserand a 10" tread with 3 steps
2. Cut out the stringer template using an appropriate saw

Special Tools Provided:
1. Jig Saw
2. Square with stair guage

Task 4: Miter Saw - Bevel and Angle


see sample

1. Cut a 30 degree bevel on one end of a 10 inch board.
2. Cut a 30 degree angle on the other end

Special Tools Provided:
Compound Miter Saw