G.M.C.S. Metals
Contact: Andrew Jones


Stick Intro (8 min)

Stick demo (12 min)

Snips & Plasma

Box Layout Video

Box Cutting Video

Box Bending Video

Box Spot Welding Video

Spot Welding



10 Safety Tips



So You Want To Become A Welder (15 min)

High Paying Jobs (2:30)

Worlds Greatest Ship Building (43 min)

Pipeline Construction (5 min)

Underwater Welding (11 min)

Jay Leno’s Garage (8 min)

Jay Leno’s Garage 2 (8 min)

$5000/week – Welding School (5 min)

Hard Knock of Life – Structural Welders (27 min) 

Weld Tester (14 min)



Supply Teacher

Metallurgy of Welding (43 min)

ACORN - Teacher

ACORN - Students

Torch Cutting